Scary Movie is a spoof of nineties teen horror movies Scream and I Know What You Did Last Summer. In a small town a local girl is killed by a masked killer, and Cindy becomes worried that it is related to their killing of a fisherman exactly one year previously. Cindy and Bobby are dating and begin to get suspicious of everyone, but not everyone believes Cindy is right about the murders. replica breitling Navitimer Pretty soon Cindy's friends start getting killed with Greg replica hublot big bang being the first one. Greg's girlfriend is next, then Brenda's boyfriend at the movie theatre. The way he supposedly dies is fitting to what he portrays throughout the movie. Brenda is just like the most annoying people at theatres. She talks all through the movie and annoys the hell out of everyone there. So replica breitling Transocean they steal the weapon from the killer and kill her themselves. At Cindy's party she and Bobby finally have sex, which ends in a hilarious climatic event. Eventually, they discover who the real killer is but too late it appears.
Photos: Joe Pugliese / Danielle Levitt / Art Streiber / Stephanie Rausser / Nigel Parry / Joe Pugliese / Art Streiber / Carlos SerraoPhoto We Are The Rhoads / Stylist Danny O'NeillPhoto Chloe Aftel / Styling Megan KelleyPhoto Rainer Hosch / Stylist Megan Kelley for Vincent KartheiserPhoto Sam Robinson / Stylist Megan KelleyPhoto Shawn Michenzi / Stylist Danny O'NeillPhoto Annie Leibovitz / Grooming Tamara Brown for Chef Thomas KellerPhoto Steven Lippman / Grooming Tamara Brown for Sailor Jimmy SpithillPhoto Chloe Aftel / Styling Megan Kelley