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Artist Untied is an agency representing a small group of highly professional creatives working as Stylists and Hair and Makeup Artists in all forms of professional entertainment, print and motion media. We enjoy a reputation for delivering a high degree of client satisfaction on every project, and our goal is to develop on going relationships with the clients we serve. Our Artists are based in Los Angeles and San Francisco. Those listed in both cities maintain residences in both and work as locals in both cities. All artists also work nationally and/or internationally.

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Feedback about our Artists

Artist Untied serves as crew to many of the most acclaimed photographers, directors, advertisting agencies and corporate brands in the world; as well as serving as keen contributors on smaller projects with growing companies and publications.

Reviews have indicated that our clients particularly value and enjoy having our artists on their projects. Although selected for their creative ability, our clients value that our artists are also chosen for their ability to communicate with clients and their easy manner on set. We play well with others!


Historically our artist’s rates are based on the requirements of a given project, the current market for services and the clients budget. We prefer to be invited to negotiate so that each project meets our clients needs and is commensurate with the level of required expertise and usage.

Feel free to call us for an estimate or inquiry. We enjoy meeting and talking with our industry fellows.


For inquiries regarding representation please send your resume and web link info to representation@artistuntied.com 


SF    415-957-0500
LA    323-933-0200

FAX    415-957-0555


The Principles and Founders (1997)

Jon Lucca, Creative Director/CEO An Internationally accomplished hair and makeup artist, and beauty writer/consultant.

Rene Narducci, A communications executive from Corporate America.